Kalajoki sand dunes with unique sea nature create magnificent frames to arrange different types of public events. Tourism centres versatile services and cosy restaurants offers program ideas and back office for all kind of events. There is plenty space to arrange program both under the blue sky and sheltered from the weather.


3 hotels 15 restaurants, hundred of holiday houses and apartments, Finlands biggest and most popular camping site, spa, bowling hall, waterpark, sport centre, golf centre, marine visitor centre, day spa, race track, airfield, adventure park, surfcenter, lighthouse island, summer theatre, tens kilometres of hiking routes and jogging trails. Everything is possible in Kalajoki!


If you are planning public event or hobby event, we can help you create and make your ideas a reality with one local service! We can help with booking facilities, accommodation and food reservations and with planning versatile program. For larger events it is also possible to hire Kalajoki`s airfield. 


Kalajoki Booking Centre worked together with areas entrepreneurs for national OP-Pohjola`s summerdays 2016 as an event organizer and main accommodater. Two days long event gathered 1500 people to spend summer weekend together.