Cozy holiday experiences surrounded by the sea and tranquil Finnish nature!
Plenty of activities or peace and relax?


Kalajoki offers a wide and versatile selection of activities for your holiday all year round.
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Go stand up paddleboarding, kitesurfing or on a safari. Take a bicycle and go to the woods, rural villages and the seashore. Hike over duckboards surrounded by beautiful sand dunes and pine forests.

Play a round of beach volleyball. Do yoga on the sand and snow. Go golfing, fishing, karting, geocaching! Take a trip to the coyntryside, nature trails, the sea or the archipelago. Take a moment for yourself. Make a date with yourself. Plunge into the sea or the warm bubbles at the spa for a secret morning swim. Relax in a massage.

Through the Kalajoki Booking Centre you can easily rent holiday equipment, bicycles and other fun things to keep you active. We can provide tickets for all local events and also to the local nightclubs, Merisärkkä and Dyyni.


Take Kalajoki by storm – and let it take you over!

-Nordic walking
-cross-country- skiing
-frisbee golf

-sea trips
-sea nature centre
-adventure park

-quad bike safaris
-snowmobile safaris
-children`s traffic park
-inside playground
-par3-training golf course
-par73-golf course
-group exercise
-summer theatre

-pampering treatments

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